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Under Actions you can set Programs and Scripts, that are run before or after PDFCreator saves the files.

The internal file format is PostScript. Programs that want to change the files before PDFCreator converts them will need to be able to use this format. Programs that are called after PDFCreator has saved the file receive the final PDF.

Wait until the program/script is ready: This setting allows to specify whether or not PDFCreator waits until the program is ready. This is required if the program modifies the file before PDFCreator converts it.

Program parameters: These parameters are paased to the program/script. Currently there the Tokens <TempFilename> for the filename of the temporary file before saving and <OutputFilename> for the PDF after saving it. The filenames should be surrounded by double quotes to avoid problems with spaces in the filename.

Window style : This setting allows to specify the appearance of the Program window of the application that is run before/after saving.
Hidden: The program is run hidden.
Normal/Focus: The program is run normally and in the foreground.
Minimized/Focus: The program is run minimized and activated.
Maximized/Focus: The program is run maximized and in the foreground.
Normal/no Focus: The program is run normally in the background.
Minimized/no Focus: The program is run minimized and not activated.