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Command Line Parameters

PDFCreator enables you to create documents via the command line interface. Here are the different commands that PDFCreator supports:

Whith this switch PDFCreator integrates itself with the Windows shell. When you right-click on selected documents in Windows Explorer a new menu item will appear called "Create PDF with PDFCreator". This enables the user to quickly convert documents to PDF without having to open the document. Note that this functionality requires PDFCreator to be temporarily assigned the default printer status.
Example: PDFCreator.exe /AddWindowsExplorerIntegration

If you use this switch PDFCreator shows a message box with the information about running instances of PDFCreator, PDFSpooler and Transtool. You can combine this parameter with the switch /NoStart. If you see the property "Local" there exists a local instance. Please check the desktop, Systray or the Task Manager to find the local instance. If you see only the property "Global" than there exists at least one instance in one of your terminal server sessions. This switch is usefull for debugging and for administrators to check if there is a running instance of PDFCreator on a terminal server.
Example: PDFCreator.exe /CheckInstance

Clears all PDFCreator temporary files. This is useful if PDFCreator will not start because of a corrupt temp file.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /ClearCache

Delete the input file after converting. This parameter can only be used in conjunction with the /IF parameter.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\description.ps" /OF"C:\description.pdf" /DeleteIF

/IF<input-filename> /OF<output-filename>
Convert a postscript file or a bitmap file (JPEG, BMP) to a PDF or bitmap. The /OF parameter must be used in conjunction with the /IF parameter. To set the output file format, include the file extension in the output file name. There is NO space between the parameters and the file names. The parameter /OutputSubFormat defines the subformat. Currently "PDF/A-1b" and ""PDF/X" can be used for the PDF format.
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\description.ps" /OF"C:\description.pdf" /OutputSubFormat"PDF/A-1b"
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\description.ps" /OF"C:\description.tif"
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\image1.jpg" /OF"C:\image1.pdf"
pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\image1.bmp" /OF"C:\image1.png"

Opens a new instance of PDFCreator without checking if the program is already running. It is useful to combine this parameter with the /NoProcessing parameter.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /NoAbortIfRunning

If PDFCreator is started with this parameter, files that are added via drag and drop or the Document menu will no be validated as PostScript files, but they have to end with ps or eps. The file extension check is omitted in conjunction with the parameter /IF to ensure a broad compatibility with other applications.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /NoPSCheck

When PDFCreator is opened with the /NoProcessing option, all documents that are sent to PDFCreator are not processed immediately. They are stored in the print queue until PDFCreator is opened without the /NoProcessing option.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /NoProcessing

/NoProcessingAtStartup: When you use this parameter, PDFCreator will start without processing any documents. You can manually start processing by going to the Document menu and selecting Print or by unchecking the Printer Stop option in the Printer menu. The setting is useful if you want collect some files first, then combine the files into one and create a pdf.
0 - Off (Default)
1 - On

When you use the /PF parameter, PDFCreator stays open after it's done its task. The /NoStart parameter automatically closes PDFCreator after it is done.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /NOSTART /PF"C:\help.doc"

Open the output file after converting. This parameter can only be used in conjunction with the /IF and the /OF parameter.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /IF"C:\description.ps" /OF"C:\description.pdf" /OpenOF

Specifies the particular options file PDFCreator should use.
Examples: pdfcreator.exe /OptionsFile"C:\MyPDFCreator.ini"

Print a file with the standard program linking with the extension of the file. In general, this option is useful in connection with Auto-Save mode. It is not possible to use this parameter in conjunction with the /OF parameter. There is NO space between the parameter and the file name.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /PF"C:\help.doc"
You can also use wildcards to create PDF's of all documents in a specified folder.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /PF"C:\*.doc"

Whith this switch you remove the PDFCreator Windows shell integration.
Example: PDFCreator.exe /RemoveWindowsExplorerIntegration

Opens PDFCreator in the log file. No other windows are opened.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /ShowOnlyLogfile

Opens PDFCreator in the Options Panel. No other windows are opened.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /ShowOnlyOptions