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Ghostscript Settings

The Ghostscript Settings page sets the properties for the Ghostscript version being used.

Ghostscript Version: Lists the versions of Ghostscript installed on your machine. The default value is the internal version of Ghostscript that comes with PDFCreator. Change this setting only if you want to use another pre-installed version of Ghostscript.

Additional Ghostscript parameters: With this parameter you can add your parameters list to PDFCreator if you need some missing ghostscript parameters. To separate the parameters, use the pipe symbol |. This setting is empty by default.

Additional Ghostscript searchpath: This setting is for the user to add additional paths where Ghostscript should looking for resources. For example, you can add paths to more fonts.

Use Windows fonts: This setting allows the user to all the Windows font path to the Ghostscript font paths. This setting is on by default.
0 - off
1 - on (Default)