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The Security menu sets the PDF security settings to encrypt PDF documents and disable many features for a more secure document.

Use Security: Enables or disables the security settings in PDFCreator. If enabled, the PDF will require a password in order to be modified (owner password). You can also require a password for viewing the PDF (user password). PDFCreator will ask for the passwords for user and/or owner when it is in the process of creating the PDF.

Encryption Level: Encryption prevents unauthorized copying of information contained in the PDF. PDFCreator can encrypt in three levels: Low (40 bit), High (128 bit) and Very high (AES 128 bit). The AES encryptions is only available if the pdfforge.dll exists. This Dll is installed with PDFCreator if the .Net 2.0 framework is installed.

Disallow User: This section enables the owner of the PDF to set what the users of the document can do with it. The Owner can disallow the user to print, copy text and images, modify the document, and make or change comments.

Enhanced Permissions: These permissions are for 128 bit high security only. The owner can allow users to print in low resolution only, fill in forms, screen readers, and changes to the assembly.