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Using PDFCreator

There are two different types of installations you can use when you first install PDFCreator. They are a standard installation and a server installation. Below is some more information on both types.

Standard Installation: A standard installation sets up a standard printer for PDFCreator and allows that computer to create PDF documents, Bitmap images, and Postscript files.

Server Installation: A server installation sets up a network printer for PDFCreator and allows computers on your network to create PDF documents, Bitmap images, and Postscript files remotely. If you use a server installation on a terminal server, make sure that you do not install PDFCreator in application mode.

With a server installation, you can use Auto-Save Mode to automatically save documents to a specified directory with UNC-pathnames and/or filename tokens (for more information, see Auto-Save Mode). When using this feature, make sure the user has access rights to save in the specified directory.
Example: \\file1\users\<Author>\PDFs

Note: When using a server installation, make sure to create a share for the printer with user access rights belonging to yourself. Also, make sure that at least one instance of PDFCreator is open. You can install PDFCreator as a service by using the "instsrv.exe" and "srvany.exe" tools from the resource kit of your Windows installation. If you do install PDFCreator as a service, make sure to use a user account with access rights writing in a Auto-Save directory. Settings can only be changed on the server. Users cannot change any settings in PDFCreator.