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Submitted by jvanak on 27 August, 2009 - 13:17


I am new user of PDFCreator and I want to ask You for information about Print after saving functionality. I use PDFCreator throught COM interface. I want to save user report to PDF and then print on physical printer. Is it the best way to do it??? I can not use "my" application, because it is encapsulated and can use it`s interface only.

Thanks in advance for Your advice.


 A complete solution for how

 A complete solution for how to get here print out from their software is as follows

first you must go to this http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/index.htm site. download the 
After you download the file proceed to install it. Executing the self extracting install file found above, we'll start the install process.
Once this is done you will be able to select the older version under the options menue of PDFCreator software.
You may install other versions of ghost script and test the functionality, Howaver 8.61 seems to work.
1. Under options select Ghostscript
you will have a drop-down which is listed under "Ghostscript version". 
Here you will select 8.61
do not select internal Ghostscript
after you select these press save
you will be able to reopen the options and the functionality should be restored

How does one install using

How does one install using the prior version of ghostscript?  

The standard install, when executed onto WinXP , does not provide a choice for which ghostscript version to use.





Just reinstalled using the

Just reinstalled using the older version of Ghostscript (8.61 as oposed to 8.64) and it's working perfectly now.

Thanks for your help!

Hello all, nobody want to

Hello all,

nobody want to help us probably :) But i found sth. what help me to solve this issue. While i was watching the source code i came upon an idea: "It must be conected with Ghostscript parameters!!!". I changed Ghostscript version in PDFCreator Setup to older one and everything is ok now.

Try it!!!



Hello again, I want only know

Hello again,

I want only know what about this functionality problem. Do You planning any progress? I need to know it, becouse I must change my current solution to substitute missing functionality.



I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem . . . .

I can not get the expected functionality from the print after saving.   I am using WinXP, PDFCreator 0.9.8.

On print, the PDF to file is properly generated, but nothing is sent to the printer.   Using variations of the PDFCreator drop down box [for printer dialog box, etc.] does not produce a printed output.   Oddly, I do get a "ghostscript" job entry on the Windows printer window, for the particular printer I wanted to send the hard copy to -- it has no size, and seems to be created at the beginning of the code in PDFCreator for the hard print, but there is no content spooled to that print job.

Would be a nice thing to have. 





I'm having exactly the same

I'm having exactly the same problem.  Using logging I get an unspecified error right at the end.

I know the printer is working as I can print the PDF directly but it would be very useful to be able to create the PDF & print at the same time.

Hello, If you always want to


If you always want to print the file, you can enable the "print after saving" setting in the settings dialog of PDFCreator.



Thanks Philip, but something

Thanks Philip,

but something is wrong. I enabled "print after saving", set "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" as a printer option. Finally I set "Show the standard printer dialog" in "Queuery User". Then save new options and print some files to PDF.

All files were printed to PDF, bud nothing else happend. No secondary print. All of time some dialog window appeared and want to save some file with TIFF extension.

I probably do something wrong. Can You help me, please!!!