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Submitted by coloneldax2005 on 1 March, 2010 - 01:21

 Hi, there. Great program, but two significant problems.

(1) Only works sometimes in Chrome, though seems to always work in FireFox.

(2) Some stuff at top of page is mis-formatted in the output PDFs (especially at top of page). I don't have that problem with WebShot (but it only does JPEG)

Also, is there a way to convert a very large JPEG (like 800x4000) to a PDF (full res)?

Would appreciate any help,


Re: PDFCreator Problems

 I have observed that manually starting pdfCreator, BEFORE attempting to print from Chrome, is a work around for printing from Chrome. (I.e. open the PDFCreator Print monitor window before printing from Chrome).

I assume it is something to do with Chrome sometimes not allowing itself to spawn other programs as a security measure?