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Submitted by pppe on 29 April, 2010 - 09:40

Is there a portable version of pdf creator that I can carry around on a USB stick? Or does it have to be installed on disk due to driver installation?


Is there any alternative software that does the same thing as pdfcreator but that is portable?


Re: Portable version of pdfcreator

Hi, it really work out. Thanks for the tips. Joao


Re: Portable version of pdfcreator

Have seen this older post here on the pdfforge help forum, and I will finalize it to get an answer about that, where maybe a lot of peoples looking for. Yes, there is a portable pdf creator solution right now on the web. It's name is 7-pdf maker portable. Have found it on the famous freeware portal website techsupportalert.com.


Acts as a native converter for many file and images formats and works as a standalone app and not as a printer driver on your system. This point makes it possible to run as a portableapp pdf creator tool on your usb-stick...

- kalypso

Re: Portable version of pdfcreator

Good but not free - there is a watermark in the free version. I prefer to use free software, even if not portable.


Re: Portable version of pdfcreator

 PDFCreator is a printerdriver.

I do not know of any way to get Windows to print to a not-installed printer.

Morten Christensen

Re: Portable version of pdfcreator

A great question! Anybody have an answer?