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Submitted by Standa on 8 October, 2009 - 12:15

It's OK that PDFCreator have Watermark(http://en.pdfforge.org/forum/open-discussion/3137-can-we-use-watermarks-...), BUT:

- it's rather cumbersome solution and features

- with some documents in OpenOffice dont work (it is a error PDFCreator or OpenOffice?)

- but the biggest mistake: the watermark is not OVER document as ussual, but under the text - big problem with tables (especially Excel) - the watermark dont appears...

Please, could you make that the watermark at PDFCreator is regular over the all document - as is ussual(at Printer settings)?....


thank you :-)






I am a Dutch user, so, please, understand my english is BAD.

Queustion @ SANDA (or other people)

How can I make a pdf transparant, like you said?


You can get the overlay on top of the document by changing the pdftk background -> stamp


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Standa go to http://www.accesspdf.com/pdftk/. There are instruction there on how to use pdftk. PDFCreator is not putting the watermark on the document, pdftk is after PDFcreator creates it. The VB script just runs pdftk on the document. I think you will have better luck asking questions on that page if you still cannot figure it out.


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Hello, first of


first of all:

usual or not, the original meaning of a watermark is a sign stamped in paper while produced in factory. So it is a stamp in a blank sheet and every print is over the watermark..

Nevertheless if you change the addwatermarktopdf.vbs as follows:


WshShell.Run PathToPdftk & " """ & fname & """ background " & WatermarkPDF & " output """ & tfname & """",0,true


WshShell.Run PathToPdftk & " """ & WatermarkPDF & """ background " & fname & " output """ & tfname & """",0,true

you get what you want: a stamp over the printer-output.





Hello, thanks. But: I


thanks. But:

I sent this to webmaster and he told me that it does not work (the error occurs).
Right to read(just change a word "background" to "stamp") :

WshShell.Run PathToPdftk & " """ & fname & """ stamp " & WatermarkPDF &  " output """ & tfname & """",0,true

Plus have to make the watermark itself (watermark.pdf) transparent(!).
I know it is somewhat cumbersome (as a watermark itself  in the function PDFCreator), but it works now.     ;-)


Hello, using your


using your modification, I get a "There was an error using pdftk!" message.

My modification works for me. I only change the variables for watermark and pdf-file in the run statement for pdftk.



We talk both about 0.9.8

We talk both about 0.9.8 ?...

For me it's just the opposite.

Hi, yes we talk about


yes we talk about 0.98.

It is just the opposite.

I had an excel print out where some pictures layed over the watermark The watermark was in parts not visible. I changed the statement above and now the watermark is over the excelsheet covering some parts of the pictures.

That is what you want ?



You can use the functions

You can use the functions StampPDFFileWithImage, StampPDFFileWithPDFFile from the pdfforge.dll (PDFCreator\PlugIns\pdfforge) coming with PDFCreator. These functions have a blendmode parameter also.