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Submitted by auzoloto on 17 February, 2010 - 23:14

Is there anyway of importing a scanned image direct into PDF Creator rather than scanning into an application such as Word?

Re: Direct scan into PDFCreator

I think there might just be a way. Try pdfill pdf editor version 8. It worked miraculously for me at Called.com . All you have to do is insert the paper into the scanner and press the scan button in pdfill. Tada your scanned image will be directly converted to pdf! Pdf splitter merger is also good but I personally prefer pdfill. It even has many other useful applications. I guess you can get a trial version online!

Re: Direct scan into PDFCreator

You can use IrfanView to open the image and print to PDFCreator.
You can also scan with IrfanView
Other programs:

Re: Direct scan into PDFCreator

Has anyone used icopy successfully with pdfcreator?  icopy will scan and print fine for one computer I support and pdfcreator will create pdfs great from ms word and firefox and other applications.  However if printing from icopy to pdfcreator nothing happens, after clicking print in icopy, pdfcreator window never comes up.

pdfcreator 0.9.8