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Submitted by dugger69 on 24 December, 2010 - 22:34

PDF Creator is basically a pretty good program, but I can no longer recommend it because you bundle it with a nasty piece of malware called "mybrowerbar.com".  This thing gave me a lot of grief.  When I would go to a site like Nextag or PayPal, I would see the correct page for a few seconds, and then be redirected to an error page thanks to mybrowserbar.com.  I found out that PDF Creator (which I had previously installed) was responsible for putting this crap on my computer.  (I finally got rid of it by uninstalling PDF Creator and removing all the add-on toolbars from Firefox, but I shouldn't have had to cope with the problem in the first place.)

You have a good program.  Why do you spoil it???

Re: mybrowserbar

Of course, talk is cheap. So here's my promise to you: if you remove the toolbar, I'll do a EUR30 donation - and that's from someone who doesn't use PDFCreator anymore (because I don't have a need for it, having switched to Linux).

Re: mybrowserbar

The inclusion of this software, even if it can be turned off by careful installers, makes me unable to recommend PDFCreator any longer.

While of course I appreciate you like to make some money, and you can do whatever you want with your software, this makes me sad. Apart from the toolbar madness, PDFCreator seems to be the best of its kind, by far - even compared to some commercial offerings.

It seems you're getting a considerable amount of donations, but are spending most on it on a hosting plan of over 100$ a month, and I see you're spending considerable effort configuring this server so it will be able to handle the considerable load that comes with the huge popularity of the software. Perhaps it would be wise to consider moving back to the free hosting at sourceforge.net for most of the parts of the site? They're not the fastest, but they handle impressive loads at acceptable speeds, for free....