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Submitted by bbussey on 11 May, 2012 - 21:20

Is there a way to pass through a filename to a profile that is set to autosave?  I've modified a VB program to print to a PDFForge printer configured for autosave through the printer object instead of through Crystal Reports to avoid library registration issues on different workstations, and I'd like to be able to specify the filename as I was able to do with the CR object.  Thanks.


Re: Filename on autosave

Doesn't work with VB applications, as the EXE name is passed through.  I found a work-around.  I saved the name I wanted as a system environment variable, then created a VBS script to read the system environment variable value and rename/move the PDF to the desired name.  Got it working a couple of days ago and it appears to be working fine.


Re: Filename on autosave



have you tried using <DocumentFilename> as a token in the autosave settings? It only works if the printing apllication forwards the filename though.