As we try to concentrate on developing PDFCreator, we have posted two small projects on In these projects we were looking for developers who can create to modules for this website (running drupal) to better integrate translations.

The projects did not go too well. They were started in August and none of this has been finished so far, while we at the same time have spent much time communicating with the freelancers, finding bugs in early versions, explaining the specification etc.

And then suddenly, has released to money though the project was not finished. So we now have no module and on money. And we can't get the money back and can't even write a bad review on the person who did this, because this is only possible for 14 days after the planned deadline. So, by taking too much time, the developer can protect himself and also supports this kind of behaviour.

The support of was not willing to help us in any way except writing a mail to the developer and telling us, that we should stay in contact. So my strong recommendation is to never ever use for anything. They just do as they like and then quote their terms, that all is release from any damage the usage of their site causes. That really is bad business behaviour.