PDFCreator versioning scheme


In the past, the PDFCreator versioning has been more or less chaotic. As we went towards the end of the 0.9 branch, we felt that the perfect 1.0 PDFCreator still requires some features like profiles, so the steps became smaller.

Starting with the 1.0 release, we would like to establish a scheme that is quite self-explaining. The major number will not change too soon. When we add new features, we will increase the minor version number (i.e. 1.1). If we should encounter bugs, we will now try to have smaller releases without new features, but with bugfixes, that will not require the time to test and wait for the translators (as long as we did not forget to make something translatable). These small fixing releases will use the third number, i.e. 1.0.1.

We hope that this will allow quicker reaction on bugs (like the recent IE bug) and more stable releases.