Happy European Day of Languages


A while ago we were looking for translators who would volunteer to translate PDFCreator into their mother tongue. We were happy to see that more people have signed up to our translation platform since and have helped with new and existing translations. It resulted in Finnish being part of PDFCreator from the next update on. A big thank you and welcome to the new members of our translator community!

If you love translating and would like to help make our PDF converter as accessible as possible around the world, please visit https://translate.pdfforge.org/ It is quick and easy to sign up and there is a description that helps you to get started

So far PDFCreator has been translated fully into 24 languages.* A lot of languages have only been translated partially and would still need more translation before we can apply it to PDFCreator. So if you only wanted to add a little bit, that would already be a great help towards making PDFCreator available in your language.

We welcome ANY language, big or small, even Klingon!