World Environment Day


We can't save the world with PDFs. But we believe that everyone can play their own little part in spreading awareness about an important cause which, we can't deny, affects every single one of us – the state and future of our planet. 

So, you may have heard it's World Environment Day on June 5. There are a lot of great events taking place all around the world that day, all in support of our environment. This year's topic is Air Pollution and with this in mind, pdfforge has decided to support a case which is closely connected to air quality: forest decline. Trees have the great natural capability of removing a variety of air pollutants, which reduces the ambient concentrations that we breathe.

Our company is based in Germany, which is world-famous for its enormous forests that cover almost one third of the country. But at the same time we lose an almost unimaginable amount of trees in the world every day. In fact, forests the size of a football field vanish every 3-4 seconds. That's 15 billion trees per year! With all this in mind, our company chose to get involved by donating parts of our sales to Plant-for-the-Planet. This inspiring organisation has set themselves the goal of planting a trillion trees worldwide by 2020. With our donation we would like to support them in reaching their goal and play our part in counteracting deforestation.

Make PDF, not paper

At the same time we would like to use World Environment Day to spread awareness and hopefully inspire you by sharing some of the little things that we do here at pdfforge in support of our environment and forests. One of these things is to save paper. While printing is usually associated with paper, in our 'PDF world' printing isn't just printing. Printing a PDF doesn't mean you actually print something on paper. Instead, virtual printers produce an electronic document. Any printable document can be converted to PDF by PDFCreator, and the great security aspect of PDF actually makes it safer than paper. A huge advantage is the fact that PDF files can be secured with a password and protect any sensitive data.

While the production of PCs and mobile devices surely isn't environment-friendly, we think that we have the possibility to at least use these technical inventions to counteract environmental pollution. This is why we only print on paper when it's really necessary. And if we do, we use FSC-certified or recycled paper. For presentations, discussions and brainstorming we use our screens or wipeable/reusable memo boards instead of paper.

These might be little steps but we believe every effort in protecting our ecosystems is important. A last little tip: If you would like to save money and help saving our environment at the same time, check out our current World Environment Day offer*, which gives you a 15% discount on PDFCreator while we donate 15% on top to Plant-for-the-Planet.

* Our World Environment Day offer runs from June 5 - 12