European Day of Languages 2020


It’s always easiest to use an application like PDFCreator in your own language. The more languages it has been translated to, the more accessible it gets for people around the world.

We know that many of you can’t use our PDF converter in your native language because it hasn’t been translated to it yet. Some people may not even be able to use PDFCreator at all because they don’t speak a foreign language.

Therefore, our goal is to continuously increase the number of languages in which we can offer PDFCreator - and you can help us with this. As an Open Source application, PDFCreator greatly depends on support from the community. One form of support is volunteering as a translator. If you enjoy translating and would like to help translate PDFCreator, please visit It is easy to sign up and there is a description that helps you to get started.

While all languages are welcome, big or small, we are especially looking for people who can help us with translating PDFCreator to Spanish. Every update of the application includes new text and recently a lot of it couldn’t get translated to Spanish because we are short of Spanish translators at the moment. We can only offer PDFCreator in a specific language if it has been translated to a certain percentage as nobody likes to use a PDF converter that is only partially translated. So if you speak Spanish and would like to help translate PDFCreator to your language, please visit the link above to see how easy it is to get started. Even if you can only contribute with a few sentences, your help is greatly appreciated by us and the whole community.

Happy European Day of Languages!