The first day with the new site


As you will have noticed, the new site had some problems during the day. We did not change anything fundamental in technicals means. We have rearranged the pages and made everything look better. But we have also released PDFCreator 1.3.0 and thus slashdotted ourselves.

During the day, we had to take the site down for a while, leave just a note where to download PDFCreator. We would like to say sorry to everyone who had problems today. Now, we have set up a Varnish cache in front of the site which is able to catch quite a lot of load off the main server. We will keep an eye on that.

We have also hit our free Quota limit on AppEngine, which we use to provide the download of PDFArchitect and Images2PDF. They are now up and running as well.

So this is the end of another rough day, but everything is looking good now. Let's hope it stay this way tomorrow morning...