World Environment Day 2020


A year has passed since you helped us to donate 2000 trees to Plant-for-the-Planet. The world has seen a lot of changes since and a lot of major changes are still happening right now in regard to the current COVID-19 crisis. One thing that is still highly topical though is the importance of looking after our environment. This is why we decided to pick up on last year's campaign and try to top it.

World Environment Day has been celeberated every year on June 5 since 1974. It's a day to both look at accomplishments regarding our efforts to save the planet and to look ahead on what we can do better. Each year the focus lies on a different topic, last year it was air pollution. This year's topic isbiodiversity, the variety of plant and animal life. Both topics are closely related to trees. With their ability to remove a variety of air pollutants, trees are a massive help in the fight against deforestation. Being a Germany-based company, we are happy to say that one third of our country is covered by trees. But the world loses an unimaginable number of trees every day - in fact, 15 billions trees yearly. For these reasons we came up with the idea of donating to Plant-for-the Planet last year. We were and still are impressed by their goal of planting a trillion trees worldwide by 2020. So far they have planted 13,64 billion trees and we would like to help them reach a trillion.

Can we top last year's number of 2000 donated trees?

plant for the planet certificate 2020

Our certificate of donation from Plant-for-the-Planet. 

Our goal this year is to top last year's number of donating 2000 trees. With our World Environment Offer 2020, we hope to see an even bigger number of trees to be planted. The offer gives you 15% discount on PDFCreator, while on top of that we donate 15% to Plant-for-the-Planet.

Let's not forget the multiple other ways of helping

Saving paper is one of the many things you can do to support our environment. Of course PDFs are a great way to reduce having to print on paper. We are continoulsy improving PDFCreator in order to adjust to many new needs and requirements that keep evolving for the modern business world.  PDF Architect even lets you sign documents electronically, without you ever having to print them.

Other things that we do and recommend to save paper and (thereby trees) are:

  • If ever it is necessary to print on paper use FSC-certified or recycled paper
  • Print double-sided or reuse the non-printed side of old paper or scrap paper
  • Proof-read and preview before you print to avoid double printing
  • For presentations, discussions and brainstorming use your screens or wipeable/reusable memo boards instead of paper
  • Recylce paper correctly (e.g. remove plastic wrapping from magazines)
  • Bring your own reusable mugs to cafes instead of having to use disposable paper cups

Last but not least, on this World Environment Day (and on any other day) let's be aware of our environment. Enjoy the beauty of nature, go for a walk or a bike ride with friends and family - because what we enjoy, we are more willing to protect.