Auto-split PDF files

Just like you can auto-merge PDF documents with PDFCreator, there is also the possibility to automatically split a PDF document. It is one of many PDF automation features in our PDF converter. In this article we will give you a quick overview of how to use auto-split for PDFs.

Automatically split your PDF files

Splitting a PDF document automatically saves you time and effort. It can come in handy if you process the same type of document regularly and need to split it at the same place each time. This could, for example, be a two-page document where the first page is always meant to be forwarded to a client and the second one is only for internal use. By auto-splitting these two pages, there will automatically be created two PDFs directly at the time of converting, which means you won’t have to split the document at a later point.

How to use auto-split in PDFCreator

User tokens give you many possibilities for automating your PDF processing. If you would like to split a PDF automatically, this is also done with the help of user tokens. This special split token allows you to define where exactly a document should be split. As a result, a document which you upload with a single split token would be converted into two documents.

You can also use several split tokens in a document, resulting in several output documents. As the split token works on a page-by-page basis, you always need at least one additional page after the token. For more information about user tokens, please also check out our article User tokens in PDF files.