How to combine 2 PDFs into 1?

If you need to combine PDFs into one this can be done easily with our online tools. Read on to find out how to put multiple pdf files into one.

How to combine PDF files for free?

With PDFCreator Online you can merge pdf files directly in your browser. This pdf combiner lets you create pdf from multiple files in a few steps.

  • Head to our Merge PDF tool
  • Upload the PDF documents that you want to merge
  • Select by page or by document to merge pdfs the way you need them
  • Select a sort order to reorder pages or files
  • Click on Merge and then Download
  • Now your merged file is ready and can be saved on your computer

A pdf combiner in your browser

When you create a pdf file from a Word file or other formats it can happen that you need to merge these files at a later point. Then you can create a new file and combine pdf files with our online tool. This merged file can be changed again if you need to delete pdf pages from it or if other e.g. Word documents need to be added to the merged pdf.

All you need to know about how to put multiple files into one pdf

Can you combine PDF for free?

You can combine multiple PDFs into one with PDFCreator Online. It contains many different tools that you can all use for free.

How to put multiple PDFs into one?

This can be done with a PDF converter like PDFCreator. Simply upload your files and merge them into a single document.

How to combine two pdfs online?

You can merge files with PDFCreator Online. It includes several tools that can come in handy for your merged pdf. You can for example split the PDFs if that is needed at a later point.

How to merge individual pages from a PDF file?

In our PDF tool Merge PDFs you select between "by page" and "by document". You can also move the pages into the desired order.

What is the quickest way to merge pdfs into a single file?

If you have files in different formats you can easily convert them to PDF and merge them with each other or with existing PDFs.

How to combine pdfs without an app

With PDFCreator Online you can merge files into a single file directly in your browser.

Try our pdf merger tool

If you prefer working online instead of on your desktop, head straight to our PDF online tools to merge your pdf files.