Automatically integrate CS-Scripts with PDF conversion

c# script in pdfcreator

The possibility to write your own C# scripts and implementing them to process a PDF print job is yet another PDF automation feature of PDFCreator. In this short article, we will give you a quick overview of how to automatically integrate your custom CS-Scripts directly before and after a conversion with PDFCreator.

CS-Script is a scripting system for computer programming that uses the C# language and can be adapted to the user’s requirements. The CS-Script action in the PDFCreator business editions allows you to implement your own C# scripts for processing the print job while you have access to the entire print job data.

How to automatically integrate your CS-Scripts before and after a PDF conversion

The CS-Script action can be enabled in the advanced section of the queue settings. Your script file must be located in the CS-Scripts folder and has to be a .cs or .csx file. In order to automatically integrate them as part of the workflow (action) feature in PDFCreator, here is what you need to do:

  1. Open PDFCreator
  2. Go to the "Profiles" tab to select the "Automatic saving mode"
  3. Click on “Add action” and select “CS-Script”
  4. Select and check your CS-Script and click on “OK”

Now your CS-Scripts will automatically be integrated in the workflow when converting your print jobs.