How can I merge PDFs offline?

If you would like to find out how to merge pdf files offline, we have created a little description for you below. While online pdf mergers can be great to merge multiple pdfs quickly, merging pdf files can also be done offline.

The best way to combine pdfs offline

In order to merge multiple pdf documents offline, we recommend to download the PDFCreator desktop application.

  • Download PDFCreator
  • In order to merge files open the app and add files by drag and drop
  • In the next window click on 'Merge'
  • Tick the box next to the files you want to merge
  • Move the files into your preferred sort order
  • Click on 'Merge Selected' or 'Merge All' and then on 'Continue'

Now you can save your merged pdf on your desktop or choose one of the other actions, like for example e-mailing the combined pdf.

Combine multiple pdfs with online pdf mergers

In case you prefer to combine pdf documents online, you can use our merge pdf tool. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Merge PDF online tool in your browser
  • Upload files that need to be merged into one file
  • Choose 'by document' or 'by page' on the left hand side
  • Tick the boxes next to each page that you would like to merge
  • If you merge by page you can also reorder pdf pages
  • Finally, click on Merge in the bottom of the page

All you need to know about how to merge pdfs offline

Can I merge individual pages from a pdf?

Yes, in our Merge PDF tool you can choose to merge 'by page'. Once you have uploaded your pdf files you select which pages you would like to merge into a new document. It also lets you reorder pages.

How to use a pdf combiner offline?

If you prefer to work offline, you can download the PDFCreator desktop application to convert and further process your pdfs directly on your computer.

How to join pdfs offline?

With the desktop application of PDFCreator you can join pdfs offline and further automate your pdf processing.

How to add pdf together offline?

While working with pdf files online is quick and easy and your sensitive data is being treated with care, for extra security with personal data we always recommend using the desktop application of PDFCreator to merge pdfs offline.