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Maintenance Plan
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At the time of purchase, and up to 30 days after the purchase date of a new license, you may purchase 12 months of Maintenance coverage. At the end of your covered period, you have the opportunity to purchase another 12 months of coverage within 30 days of the last day of coverage (Please note that the maintenance plan has a maximum coverage period of 2 years). While you are covered by maintenance you will receive:


You receive all major updates of PDF Architect that are released during the term of your maintenance plan. If no major version will be released, you will receive the next major version after the expiration.

Further discounts

If you decide to buy additional licenses later, the number of licenses you already own is added while finding your price bracket. If you buy 20 licenses today and 7 later, you will receive the 7 new licenses at the price of 25 to 50 licenses.


Adding the maintenance plan now gives you the opportunity to extend the maintenance for another year. You can buy the maintenance for one year with your licenses or up to 30 days afterwards. You can extend it for up to two years.

If Maintenance is selected, all licensed copies of your multi-user license must be covered by maintenance. When adding additional licensed copies to your multi-user license, the maintenance cost for these additional copies will be prorated to match the maintenance expiration date of the original purchase.