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PDF Architect is exceptionally light, easy-to-use, and flexible. It is the advanced PDF solution with everything you need to customize, secure, and collaborate on your PDF documents. We've included all the necessary features for home and professional users alike who wish to streamline their workflow.


  • Quick Send is the best choice, if you want to get a document singed by a single person. You can use the Quick Send feature to quickly and safely send a document for signature. In the integrated left-hand sidebar choose a signer and select a signature type, place the signature field on your document, and send it for signature right away.
  • Advanced Send allows you to precisely define the workflow steps and persons involved in the process:
Advanced Send Steps

Step 1

  • You can pick several documents, arrange them in the order and add to an E-sign package (the file size limit is 10 MB). A package is made up of all the documents you want the recipients to sign.
  • For each document you can change the title or include a short description.
  • If you simply want your documents to be accepted and not signed, check the designated box.

Step 2

  • Add signers whom you want to sign your document. If you need to sign the document as well you can add your own name too.
  • Now you can select a signature field type. There are four options to choose. You can even choose to capture a freehand signature by a mobile device.
  • Once you have added and selected a signature field you can add further interactive form fields if you want the signer to provide additional information during the signing process.
  • In the List of Signers there are more options:
    • You can request mandatory attachments (e.g. passport document) from the signer. Once received, you can either accept the attachment or reject it. If rejected, the signer will be notified by email and will be prompted to upload a new version of the attachment.
    • There are various authentication methods. The identity of the signer will be verified with your selected method.
    • In the Options settings you can choose whether or not you want the signed documents to be duplicated. The documents will then be delivered to all parties via E-Mail once the signing process is complete.
    • Also in the Options settings you can indicate whether or not the signer is allowed to transfer the signing responsibility to someone else.

Step 3

  • Enter a package name.
  • If desired add an expiry date. If the signer does not sign the package on time, it will be deactivated and will no longer be able to be signed.
  • In the E-Mail messenger you can choose the language in which the signer will receive instructions about your package. The default language is set to English.*
  • Set a signing order if you have added multiple signers to your package and want each of them to sign the documents in a specific order. Your package is now ready to send.
* Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian
  • The Inbox center allows you to manage your signature processes. Within this folder, you can:
    • Send reminders to recipients who have not yet signed your packages.
    • Review, accept and sign documents.
    • Download all signed files.
    • Modify/edit your packages. Please note: If you make changes to a package that has already been sent for signature, it will be disabled and you will have to resend the package for signing.
    • Save a package as a template for future use.
    • Mark your packages as complete.
    • Archive your packages.
    • Delete your packages.
    • Access the summary of all actions associated with a signing process.
  • The Drafts button allows you to modify/delete your saved drafts.
  • The Templates button allows you modify/delete your saved templates.
  • The Manager Signers feature allows you to view and edit all your stored signers. You can add/remove them as you please.
  • The Save Layout feature allows you to save all the fields you’ve added to your active documents to reuse them for future documents.* You can name your layout and add a description.
  • The Apply Layout feature allows you to apply a previously saved layout to your document.
* Note: Your signature placeholders will be saved, but you must right-click each signature field and add the specific signers once you apply your layout.


Standard Package

Working with PDF documents has never been this easy! PDF Architect Standard is exceptionally user-friendly and is an ideal alternative to other more pricy and complicated PDF applications.

Modules included in this package: Convert, Edit, Insert

Professional Package

Easy to use and loaded with features, PDF Architect Professional is equipped to handle any PDF task. Create, convert, edit, secure and share PDF documents all with one application.

Modules included in this package: Convert, Edit, Insert , Review, Forms, Secure and Sign

Pro + OCR Package

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the finishing touch that makes PDF Architect the complete PDF solution. Use our OCR Module to unlock the text in a single document and increase your productivity.

Modules included in this package: Professional Package + OCR

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System Requirements:
OS : Windows 10 (Desktop App), Windows 8 (Desktop App) 32 & 64, Windows 7 32 & 64
Processor : Pentium III or equivalent
RAM : 1 GB
Disk Space: 100 MB or more
Internet connection is required for version updates, activation of the free creator, to download paid-for features, and for online services.
Microsoft Office is required for plug-in use & conversion to Word, Excel and PowerPoint