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How to install PDF Architect silent using the web installer?

If you only need to install PDF Architect to a limited number of PC's and you don't want to use the PDF Architect MSI package, you can install PDF Architect silently using the Command Prompt.

  • Download the PDF Architect Installer from our website at: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/
    Make sure to select the version that fits your license. 
  • Run the Command Prompt as administrator in the folder where you saved the PDF Architect Installer.
  • To start the installation silent, type the name of the downloaded PDF Architect installer into the command prompt and add the parameter "/quiet"
    • Example Command: "PDF_Architect_6_Installer.exe /quiet 
  • Of course, you can add additional parameters to customize the installation to suit your needs
    • Example Command: "PDF_Architect_6_Installer.exe /quiet  /default_application=0

Find all available parameters in the table below:

Command Type Description
/application_language String Specifies the application languages that will be installed
/enable_automatic_updates Switch(1/0) Enables automatic updates of the application
/default_application Switch(1/0) Set as default application
/disable_notification_system Switch(1/0) Disables the notification system
/hibernate_on_close Switch(1/0) Enables the hibernate on close feature
/install_messenger Switch(1/0) Installs messenger
/firefox_integration Switch(1/0) Installs Firefox integration
/ie_integration Switch(1/0) Installs Internet Explorer integration
/win_explorer_integration Switch(1/0) Installs MS Outlook & Windows Explorer Previewer
/desktop_shortcut Switch(1/0) Creates a shortcut for the application on the desktop.
/run_application Switch(1/0) Run application after install

The /application_language parameter needs a language code to specify the application language. Language codes available:

English en
French fr
German de
Spanish es
Italian it
Japanese ja
Russian ru
Portuguese pt

Note: Additional parameters are not mandatory. If the Installer was launched in silent mode and additional options were not specified, PDF Architect will be installed with default settings.