Advertisement Policy

We are currently having two types of advertisements, during the setup and on the website.

For advertisements during the setup, the following rules apply for offers (co-bundles):

  • Ad screens need to be obvious about what is offered
  • The user must have an easy way to decline the offered software with one click. The screen may not be designed in a way to disguise this ability.
  • The offered software may not obfuscate its presence on the machine
  • The co-bundles may not inject advertisements in the user’s browsers or in another manipulate the content of other websites.
  • Of course, the offered software may not be malicious and must be free from viruses and malware.
  • The user must be able to easily uninstall the offered software and may not obfuscate the uninstallation process

For advertisements on the website:

  • The ads may not display fake download buttons
  • Irritating offers, i.e. Software that can be confused with on-page software may not be advertised. Competing products may not be advertised with similar or confusable names or descriptions

The advertisements on the website comes from Google AdSense, which will not enforce our policies on its own. Therefore, we have to react to new offers not complying with our guidelines and block them manually. If you find inappropriate advertisements, please feel free to contact us, if possible with a screenshot and the link the advertisement sends you to after clicking.

Advertisement in the Setup

The products on this site utilize’s software recommendation platform. This valuable service helps us earn money which in turns helps us pay for resources such as server costs, product research, development, marketing, etc. Our goal is to develop amazing software for you our users at zero or low cost.


InstallMonetizer is a software recommendation platform that enables software developers to recommend other software during installation of their application. InstallMonetizer helps users discover other software and in exchange the software developers earn commission for facilitating this service.

Recommendations for various software advertisers appear as full window advertorials. Only selected high quality advertisers are shown.

Quality of Products Installed:

Advertisers working with InstallMonetizer monetize from the installs we provide in various methods (from search updates, coupons to freemium products). They review each product through quality assurance before it is released. However, they recommend the software developer and end users to review the recommended software product, its privacy and terms before engaging with that advertiser. This is the same sort of engagement every user should do when installing any software Other quality checks: - recommendations are only shown during installing of the software developers product. No additional advertisers are recommended post install. - users have the chance to accept or decline each offer. They are shown a description of the product and links to all privacy and terms for each advertiser.

Benefits of working with InstallMonetizer:

Software developers need to generate money. They have to support their costs in server costs, product research, development, marketing and more. To cover their costs, they can either charge their users a cost to access their software products, or provide their software for free if end users try our recommended advertiser software. Most users want free software so InstallMonetizer’s recommendation platform the preferred method in which software developers generate money.

Please also note the InstallMonetizer Privacy Policy