Welcome to our new website

2 de noviembre de 2020

We are very excited to announce that our new website is here with a completely new look and feel! The past months we have been working hard on creating a website for you that makes it easy and quick t…

PDFCreator 4.2 is out

2 de noviembre de 2020

The most important news is that PDFCreator 4.2 comes with the brand-new PDF Architect 8. While the new version of our PDF editor offers an overall improved usability, PDFCreator 4.2 also includes a fe…

PDFCreator 4.1.3 - Maintenance Release

23 de septiembre de 2020

PDFCreator 4.1.3 is a maintenance release.As announced with PDFCreator 4.0.0, we no longer provide the legacy setup based on inno setup.If you have not migrated yet, please consult the user guide to e…

European Day of Languages 2020

22 de septiembre de 2020

It’s always easiest to use an application like PDFCreator in your own language. The more languages it has been translated to, the more accessible it gets for people around the world. …

PDFCreator 4.1 is out

15 de junio de 2020

The new setup (that we introduced with PDFCreator 4.0.0) now supports commmand line parameters. Please give us feedback, if you require any other parameter from our legacy setup. 

World Environment Day 2020

3 de junio de 2020

Our goal this year is to top last year's number of donating 2000 trees. With our World Environment Offer 2020, we hope to see an even bigger number of trees to be planted. The offer gives you 15% disc…

What is PDF/A?

15 de mayo de 2020

PDF/A is a special type of PDF that was designed for long-term digital archiving and preservation of electronic documents. Instead of endless filing shelves and ring binders for paper documents, our m…

PDFCreator Online – create PDFs online

14 de mayo de 2020

The PDFCreator desktop application offers many more possibilities, features and automizations, especially if you work with many PDF files on a daily basis. But if you quickly need to convert, merge or…

Improving your workflow with PDF

13 de mayo de 2020

For many people and businesses, creating PDF files means a lot more than converting a file to PDF. There are, for example, the possibilities to add a background to a PDF file, add a password to it or …

Electronic signature: How to sign documents online

12 de mayo de 2020

If you are wondering what an electronic signature looks like, you may be surprised to hear that the visual representation when you sign files electronically is, in fact, not necessary. However, we are…