PDFCreator 4.4.2 - Maintenance Release


Our PDFCreator 4.4.2 maintenance release is out and it comes with the following improvements:

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Professional and Terminal Server: During an uninstallation the proxy was not used for revoking.
  • The "open action" did not consider the default application from the system's user choice.
  • When PDFCreator was in standby, the COM interface did not work.
  • A ShellExecute error could occur during uninstallation.
  • "Close now" did not work when an update was installed via the user interface.
  • Default viewers did not use the specified additional parameters.
  • The delete function in the history was not working.
  • Under certain conditions, CS-Scripts could not be compiled in the user interface.
  • The PDF/A validation report could have been overwritten, even if "ensure unique filenames" was enabled.

Other Changes

  • The FTP connection can now be immediately tested in the account settings.
  • HotFolder now includes Hungarian language.