Images2PDF is a small tool that does what it says: convert images to PDF files - and it is very fast doing so. Just drag the images you would like to convert into Images2PDF, set the metadata and (optionally) compression. Images2PDF is included in PDFCreator Professional.


Convert many images

Just drag the files into Images2PDF, reorder them as you like and you are ready to go. If you often need a similar set of images, you can store the images list and temporarily exclude images depending on your current task.


Paper format

Images2PDF can retain the original image size in the final PDF or can fit them into a paper format you define. You can set page margins around the image to customize the size on the paper or add cut lines to help slicing printed pages.



You can define the compression that will be applied when converting images to the JPEG format. If the files are JPEGs already, you can choose to preserver their compression. If the resulting file still is too large, Images2PDF can also resize the images for a smaller PDF.


Command Line

Even though a GUI is nice to have, you sometimes need a command line to get the work done, i.e. from scripts. Images2PDF comes with a command line tool which allows you call the whole stack of functionality from your scripts and applications.

per workstation

Volume discounts apply from 25 units


The licensing of PDFCreator Professional is based on a yearly license fee per workstation. The license entitles you to use the software, receive the latest updates and get priority e-mail support. A separate maintenance plan is not needed as updates and support are already included in the yearly all-in-one license fee.