We help banks and financial service providers to automate their high-volume PDF processing

Find out how to increase your efficiency in all of your departments and how to save time and money with PDFCreator. 
Our PDF converter runs in many different IT environments and offers the necessary features for banks and financial services
to automate their document-based processes.

Automation for bulk processing

Time is money. Manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks belong to the past. Get to your goals faster by making use of
PDFCreator’s intelligent automation.

Skip repetitive steps by auto-saving PDF files
As long as you can print a file, PDFCreator allows you to convert it to PDF. When it comes to saving the PDF document, you can skip the part where you have to choose a target folder or file name. The auto-save feature lets you predefine settings in your profile and connect 
a PDFCreator printer to it. Afterwards you can skip the interaction with PDFCreator and just print directly from your document.

Send e-mails automatically to predefined e-mail addresses
On top of that, if you don’t want to save the file but send it to a specific e-mail address instead, you can also set this up and it will be done automatically each time you convert a PDF. This can be done for different profiles, so depending on where you print from, you can choose individual settings. For example, you can send all your invoices to your billing e-mail address, automatically send finance reports to another address, or store all your customer’s correspondence in a certain folder.

Avoid unnecessary interaction through further automated processes
User tokens help you to further automate your bulk processing of PDF files. They save you a lot of unnecessary steps and repetitions. 
You can skip all interaction with your PDF converter as it automatically fills in predefined values for things like file name or target directory.

Centralize output management for all departments

Every department generates their own documents which often need to be converted for other departments. To reduce the risk of errors and to ensure conformity in cross-departmental document processing, PDFCreator helps to localize and unify these processes. 
Instead of using many decentralized tools, our admin-friendly PDF converter helps to ensure standardized and uniform workflows.

Long-term archiving with PDF/A

Electronic archiving is a secure, practical and economical way of recording, storing and retrieving documents. 
By converting your documents to future-proof file formats you ensure future accessibility, readability, and integrity.

PDF/A provides an ISO-standardized format for those who need to store digital documents for a long time. The finance sector often requires credit and insurance files to be retained for 50 or more years. With PDF/A you can for example handle incoming post and archive emails. You can also store digital credit documents in PDF/A format.

Security for your sensitive financial data

Encrypt sensitive data and documents and secure them with a password. In addition, you can add another layer of security with a digital signature. This helps to verify the identity of the sender and ensures that the document has not been modified after signing.

On request we offer a solution for local environments for self-sufficient, independent work without having to rely on a cloud or internet connection. By this you can keep a high standard of privacy protection.