PDFCreator Server 3.1 is out


PDFCreator Server 3.1.0 is a maintenance release that focuses on improving the user tokens.

The new version includes the possibility to use backslashes and other escapable characters as values for user tokens. Therefore, you can now determine a full path for a user token and set it as the target directory to save the file.

In addition, the signing action now supports modern elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC).

Furthermore, we implemented the option to preserve the source files of failed jobs in a dedicated folder. This makes it easier to provide these files to our support.

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Full Changelog

New features

  • User tokens are now able to handle full paths in their value and support escape characters.
  • It is now possible to preserve files of a failed job in a separate folder.
  • The signing action now supports elliptic-curve cryptography.
  • The history can be refreshed by pressing F5.

Bugs fixed

  • Determining user tokens sometimes resulted in unexpected behavior. The functionality of the user tokens is much more stable now.
  • Saving files only temporarily stopped working for automatic saving.
  • The history and live view could show a wrong number of pages for documents that are split up to multiple jobs with split tokens.

Other changes

  • PDFCreator Server now uses Ghostscript 10.01.1, which brings improved performance and stability.
  • Certain applications send the name of unsaved files with a leading "*" to PDFCreator, which gets replaced with an "_". A leading "*" is now removed by our default title replacement settings.
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