OCR Advanced

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the finishing touch that makes PDF Architect the complete PDF solution. Use our OCR feature to unlock the text in a single document or increase your productivity and use the Batch Recognition feature to simultaneously recognize multiple files.

No more retyping

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detects and extracts text from images. If you ever had to retype a document that you could not find on your computer, you will know how much work this can be. Our OCR module will regain the text from a scan and will allow you to modify the document.

Easy process

Whether you have your document as paper or a non-editable PDF, our OCR engine will allow you to convert it back to an editable document. Select individual images or process all images inside your document.

High precision

Our leading OCR engine is among the best in the industry. Computer fonts in medium quality images are no challenge and will be converted with high accuracy. You can even use it on poor quality scans or on handwriting and save a lot of time compared to manually rebuilding the document.


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