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Submitted by philip on 30 August, 2012 - 12:36

PDFCreator 1.5.0 released

We are happy to release PDFCreator 1.5.0 today. This release brings some improvements, like display options for PDF files (tell the Reader to start with Page X, open in full screen etc) and better Group Policy support for admins. This release also should finally solve session problems on Terminal Servers and also supports multiple sessions of a single user at the same time.

We hope that you enjoy this new release.

Re: PDFCreator 1.5.0 released

 When I print to the PDF Creator printer from a terminal server session and save and print automatically from the client pc it comes out small - Any Ideas what to try? 

Thank You

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nobody is forced to install the toolbar, it can be deselected with one click during the installation.





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I have been using PDFCreator for years but I am afraid I will need to look for an alternative.

Of course funding is always an issue but forcing open source users to install software that is not wanted or interferes with already installed products is not the right way.

I am not the only one that would be if you reconsidered that approach.

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My clients started to complain about not working printing via COM interface. I think it is broken on Windows 7. Still works on XP. I suggest you make available to download ANY version of PDFCreator to allow users to downgrade version. 

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"We hope that you enjoy this new release."

That is a joke, or what?!

I NOT like,  if anyone want foist  me any dirt (AVG Security Toolbar)!!!

Now i can give that tool only one star, at the sites who ask how that tool is.

Friends, here you can get a tool without shit in it: de.pdf24.org/creator.html

Language can change to english.




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I have been using PdfCreator for many years and was always exited by the new improvements and have recommended it to many of my colleagues. Unfortunately I will have to reconsider my future use of PdfCreator. It is more important to me to have FULL control on the software being installed on my PC than the ease of use. There are various reasons people do not want to install software eg: spyware, adware etc. It has become important to be very sure about what is being installed/loaded onto a computer. I do not have that full confidence anymore. I will not be installing the new version and see what you choose to do next. Should you choose to continue this route I will have to say goodbye to a very trusted piece of software which aided me much over many years. Please consider your future direction with care. You have build up and improved it over many years, do not destroy it without due consideration. Allow your users with a clear and simple option NOT to install anything else than the desired pdf software and I will keep using it.

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Deceptive marketing practices are unacceptable. I have uninstalled your otherwise wonderful utility and placed a note on my website that I no-longer recommend this product and that your practices are deceptive. Sorry to see you folks succumb to the on going wave of "free-ware" greed.

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Thank you for your hard work.

Comment 1: I think the biggest issue people have with the AVG option is the statement about agreeing to the license. That statement should disappear if the checkboxes that will result in actually installing AVG are unchecked. Otherwise users are agreeing to something that that they aren't getting. The rest of the optional install is not really any different than other software; Look at PeaZip's installer.

Comment 2: Your product is good, but I am DYING for some centralized control of PDFCreator. I NEED an MSI installer. I NEED GPO management. Please, please, please make that the priority for the near future!  Put those in and I guarantee you will have a huge uptick in your user base.

Thanks again.

Re: PDFCreator 1.5.0 released

Forcing people to install crapware in order to use your product is idiotic. In the garbage your product goes. Goodbye.

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 Having the AVG install screen setup the way it is (with the opaque method of opting out) is very troubling. I've always put up with PDFCreator offering me other software as I could EASILY AND CLEARLY opt out. No longer.

This is especially troubling as I must uninstall my existing version of PDFCreator before seeing this screen.

As of today, I am uninstalling all PDFForge products from all my computers and am recommending the same to my friends.

You mention adding a FAQ on the issue. That is not enough. Change the installer. It's not hard, and it's the right thing to do.

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 unfortunately, Babylon and Avast came to my computer, so I dis intalled PDFCreator and will use another soft for this use

I was happy whith PDFCreator for a long time.... past time 

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Regarding the AVG questions: I have also written in the forums that the screen is not as clear as it should. The intention of AVG was to allow the deselction with a single click. This click is on "Custom installation". All three checkboxes there are unchecked and nothing will be installed. It just does not make sense that this is called custom installation. We are talking to AVG to get a different screen approved that will be clear about what is happening.

If all three checkboxes are deactivated (as it is the default after one click on custom installation on the AVG screen), no AVG product will be installed. If you should have installed it by mistake, you can remove it from the system control panel and it will revert all settings to how they were before.

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Same for me - due to the 'interesting' installation behavior there will be no 1.5 on my pc nor on any other machines I administer (around five). This is quite sad because it not only ruins trust in small software businesses like yours, but it also affects the experience people will have using open source software. OSS should not be about thinking how to get rid of some sneakware you caught while installing the main program. Please think about this.

Maybe you could consider adding a plainly visible donation button instead? There are some people out there who'd like to pay some bucks for good work.

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I have a question on the 1.5.0 installer and not installing AVG.

From another comment, I understand it is necessary to use "Expert settings", then on the "AVG Security Toolbar" page select the "Custom Installation" RadioButton; there are then 3 checkboxes, which by default are unchecked, and the text

By clicking "Next" you agree to the AVG "End User License Agreement" and "Privacy Policy".

and three button, reading "< Back", "Next >", and "Cancel".

Only "Next >" installs PDFCreator (in a former version of the installer with I-can't-remember-which-bundled-thing, Cancel installed PDFCreator; this is no longer the case).


Question: Do the author of the PDF Creator installer at least promize that when we click "Next >" with the "Custom Installation" RadioButton selected and the 3 checkboxes unchecked, no part of AVG is installed, and no feedback to whatever company wrote AVG is given?

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 I have to agree with other posts, in the last version, Babylon was added with very small check boxes near the top.  This time, AVG is being added and I could not readily see how to avoid having it loaded and control my browser and home page choices.  This may make me rethinkg PDFCreator as my tool of choice.

I have used this tool for nearly 10 years and brought it to one corporation I formerly worked at.

Not happy!!


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Hello, I am using PDF more than 3 years and very satisfied with. This morning I tried to install version 1-5-0 and found AVG.?? I am using licenced Kaspersky and do not like to install AVG. How I can move ahead as there is no "do not install" button?


Re: PDFCreator 1.5.0 released

Getting really tired of the increasingly more intrusive and deceptive methods used to try to trick people into installing spyware.  The setup panel for AVG is intentionally confusing and when you deselect it, there is no indication that it won't be installed.  At least you're not using opencandy anymore.

Because of these tactics, my trust in this project is hanging from a very thin thread.  You would be far better served by using the "offers" window to explain some goal you have (like the server costs), and asking for donations there, but stuff like this deters people from donating.


AVG Toolbar install options in bad taste

I love PDFCreator and have been using it for years.  I can imagine that it must be hard to put so much time and effort into developing a fantastic product that is open source and freeware.  I can understand the desire to want some monetary support for your efforts. We open source users really ought to donate more through Paypal to the projects and software we use on a regular basis. I try to do so whenever I can.

Still, the new AVG Toolbar install dialog is sneaky and manipulative. I wish that you had not resorted to such tactics to support your product.

Best wishes.

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@wojteksci: We will create an FAQ entry on that in the next days. We have an admx file created by a user which allows to set Options via GPO.

Re: PDFCreator 1.5.0 released

If you hit custom, the three checkboxes will be disabled by default and the AVG Toolbar will not be installed.

Re: PDFCreator 1.5.0 released


Thanks for the new version!


Where I can find any information about GPO implemented in PDFCreator?





Wojciech Sciesinski

Re: PDFCreator 1.5.0 released

 Just running through it now...


First comment:  For an Expert setup, the AVG toolbar just shouldn't be on by default. And theres no obvious 'do not install'.  I'm installing this on a server, and I'm wondering 'if I do Custom, and untick everything, does that Not install it ?'   I would never ever install AVG Toolbar onto a server