How PDFCreator can help the healthcare sector to automate their PDF processing

Healthcare documents need to be dealt with quickly and safely every day. With PDFCreator we help hospitals, doctors and many other healthcare workers to process their documents more efficiently.

Secure sensitive patient data

With PDFCreator you can encrypt sensitive patient data and secure your PDF files with a password. On top of that there is the option to add a digital signature, which will help to make your files even more secure. By this, you can verify your identity and ensure that the file has not been modified after signing.

Save time with auto-processing important healthcare documents

Processing important documents like health tests, patient data etc. can be done more quickly with the auto-features of PDFCreator. With your own predefined settings, you can skip time-consuming interaction with your PDF converter and print directly from your documents. The documents will then be auto-saved in a specified folder, and with the help of user tokens (place holders) they can get further auto-processed. This could be, for example, a consecutive numbering with the help of user tokens (place holders).

Make documents accessible and sharable

Different health departments may generate different file formats and yet it is important that all relevant partners have access to documents in a consistent, standard format. Even when different systems and software are used, files can be converted to PDF as long as they are printable. PDFCreator helps to ensure conformity, for example when important patient data need to be sent to GP’s or other health units. In addition, features like merging PDFs or adding attachments to a PDF help you to easily include all important info in one file. 

Archive important healthcare files as PDF/A

In order to store digital documents for a long time, PDF/A provides an ISO-standardized format. It is economical and secure and helps to save your files in a future-proof format. PDFCreator lets you convert your files to PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-3b.