How to send large PDF files with Dropbox


When you send several PDFs by email, it can quickly happen that you reach the size limit for attachments. In our article about how to compress PDF files, we delve into you can reduce the size of PDFs. However, if you would rather keep the original size of your file, you have another option for sending large PDFs.

Sending large PDFs with Dropbox

With a PDF converter like PDFCreator, you have the possibility to directly upload your converted file to Dropbox. You can do this to share your PDF files via a link or to save your files to Dropbox instead of on your computer.

The process is quick and easy. Under “Send” in the profiles section, you tick the box next to Dropbox and from there, log in to your Dropbox account. If you have several accounts, you can later select the one you want to upload to. You then have the option to have PDFCreator automatically create a link for each file that you upload to Dropbox. This link can then be shared with anyone you want to have access to your file.

After you have connected your Dropbox account to PDFCreator and you create a PDF file, the print window will give you the option to select sending your file directly to Dropbox instead of saving it locally. If you have enabled the link option, you will then be presented with a link that you can copy and share.

Our quick step guide:

How can I send large PDFs?

  1. Download PDFCreator (if you haven't already)
  2. Under "Profiles," go to "Send" and click on Dropbox
  3. Connect your Dropbox account via the "+" icon
  4. Click on "Save" and convert the file to PDF
  5. In the print window select the Dropbox option
  6. Copy the link and share it

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