Images2PDF available for download


Today we are happy to introduce two new things on The first thing is our new tool Images2PDF. It is available with PDFCreator as well, but now can also be downloaded seperately, so you can have it in the latest version, even if there is no update for PDFCreator. Images2PDF allows you to take a bunch of images and quickly convert them to a PDF file. You can also set the compression and tell Images2PDF to resize the images.

The second thing to announce is our new download page. This is something we have created based on Googles AppEngine, so it should be able to handle some requests, unlike our web server has been in the past ;-)

The download page always takes a stable build, which we recommend to use, but it will also get unstable (nightly) builds from our build server, so you can test bleeding edge features or check if the bug you have found (what? a bug? ;-) ) was successfully fixed.

As we are talking of bugs: Images2PDF and the download site are both really new, so please test them and if you find something that is strange or does not work at all, then please leave a note in our forums.

So we hope you like the news and give a few nice comments.