PDFCreator 5.2.1 - Maintenance Release


We are excited to announce the latest update of PDFCreator, designed to streamline your PDF creation process and provide a more seamless user experience.

Apart from performance improvements and fixing reported bugs, one of the notable changes in this update is the introduction of the /DeferLicensingServiceStart setup command line parameter for PDFCreator Terminal Server. With this parameter, the licensing service does not immediately start upon software installation, but rather requires a manual start or system restart. This update offers users more control over the licensing process in deployment scenarios (e.g., creating a golden image without using up a license activation). 

With these enhancements, we aim to provide users with a more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly PDF creation experience. We value your feedback and continuously strive to improve PDFCreator to meet your evolving needs.

For more information on the parameter and a complete overview of the changes, please refer to the user guide.

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Full Changelog

New features

  • PDFCreator Terminal Server: By using the new setup command line parameter, /DeferLicensingServiceStart, the licensing service does not immediately start with the installation of the software.

Bugs fixed

  • PDFCreator Custom: Some modify actions were not working.
  • On slow computers, there were sometimes unwanted job duplicates in the merge view, and the application would crash when the user tried to delete them.
  • PDFCreator would crash if the selected language had fewer plural forms than the system language.
  • Printer mappings would sometimes disappear when settings were loaded from an ini-file.

Other changes

  • The printer view has been redesigned for enhanced performance and usability.
  • When using user tokens, users are notified immediately if the corresponding action has not been enabled.
  • The “Modify” option in the Windows installed application list was removed because it was functionless.
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