PDFCreator Server 3.2.0 is out


The PDFCreator Server 3.2.0 improves certain deployment scenarios.
A very silent installation is now possible and adds the printer driver certificate without user interaction.
Furthermore, PDFCreator Server is now available via winget (see below).

Specially for the user tokens we fixed some issues and enabled escape characters functionality.

Download PDFCreator Server

Available via WinGet

PDFCreator Server is now available via winget. The Windows Package Manager command line tool that is available from Windows 10 1709 (build 16299) as part of the app installer of the Microsoft Store. This might help you install PDFCreator Server automatically, share the application or get updates.

Open the command line (or power shell) and use one of the following commands to get PDFCreator Server via winget:

winget install PDFCreator-Server

Full Changelog


  • It's now possible to do a very silent installation including adding the printer driver certificate.
  • The PDFCreator Server service can now also be started without a valid queue being configured. In addition, queues can be added or removed while the service is running by dynamically reloading the settings.
  • The PDFCreator is now able to handle escape character functionality when dealing with User Tokens. Please refer to the User Tokens section of the user guide for information on how to use them.

Bugs fixed

  • Multiple bugs for user tokens were fixed.
  • The history displayed the metadata author instead of the name of the user that started the print job.
  • Loading single queues from a settings ini file did not work.
  • The license tab had inconsistent formatting for dates.

Other changes

  • PDFCreator Server is now available via the Windows Package Manager (WinGet).
  • With the DeferLicenseCheck setup parameter, PDFCreator Server can now be used in more flexible deployment scenarios. Please refer to the user guide for more information on how to use the parameter.
  • Improved logging in case of errors with the directory.
  • The handling of too long file paths has been improved. Instead of marking the shortened paths with a "..", the file name is simply truncated at the end to comply with the maximum path length. If a path needs to be shortened, a warning is logged.
  • Proxy settings are retained for updates.
  • PDFCreator now uses Ghostscript 10.02.1.
Download PDFCreator Server