What's important to you is important to us - 3.5 is out now


If someone asked us about the secret of PDFCreator's great usability, we would most definitely say that the key ingredient is our customers' feedback. It's them who deliver the most valuable ideas for features that help to improve and develop this app for millions of users around the world.

PDFCreator 3.5 includes features and improvements that were suggested by both private and business users. With this help we can ensure our PDF converter continues to blend in smoothly with the dynamic requirements of your indvidual tasks.

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Quick but secure access to several functions

We want you to always be able to get to the next step of your flow in the shortest way possible. New drop-down buttons will assist you with this in several places of the new version. When printing a PDF you will now have the options to quickly select whether you want to Cancel All, Save As, Save to Desktop or E-Mail the PDF file. For merging PDFs we have included a "Merge All" button and a "Delete All" button. Something else that will help you get from A to B more quickly are newly added icons next to your different profiles. Without having to go into each profile seperately, icons show you directly in the profile drop-down menu, which of your profile uses the settings Automatic Sharing, Password Security and Automatic Saving. 

Another new feature that has been suggested by our customers and which has now been implemented in PDF Creator 3.5 is the possibility to send a converted file via e-mail, smtp, ftp or similar without specifying a target directory. This saves both time and space for example in the case that the sole purpose of creating a PDF is to send it by e-mail without needing to save it for future references. 

In regards to safety we have implemented a feature that during password creation indicates whether you have chosen a weak or a strong password. Another handy addition in the new version is the possibility for admins to disable the history of converted files via a GPO setting, instead of having to disable it manually for everyone.

With all of these new features and additions we believe that thanks to your valuable feedback, PDFCreator 3.5 is the most user-friendly version to date.

Full Changelog


  • Add drop-down buttons in print job view for quick access to several functions
  • It is now possible to send a converted file via email, SMTP, FTP or similar without specifying a target directory
  • When entering a password, the user immediately receives feedback regarding the password strength
  • PDFCreator now ships with PDF Architect 7
  • PDFCreator Business, PDFCreator Terminal Server and PDFCreator Custom: There is now a GPO setting to disable the History

Resolved issues

  • Error that occurs when trying to convert a secured PDF in auto-save mode will not clog application
  • Fixed a bug in parsing user tokens with a certain argument in the PS file
  • Installing printers could fail without message under certain circumstances
  • Fixed some cases where HTML Signatures could be overwritten when using the mail client action
  • License will be updated immediately after activating
  • The UI now updates correctly when switching the modify background setting on or off
  • Job History now properly updates when resetting the settings
  • PDFCreator now uses the operating system‘s display language as default. Previously it would use the language from the regional settings
  • If PDFCreator can‘t detect the default PDF viewer, but PDF Architect is installed, PDF Architect will be used to open the PDF file
  • Fixed an error that could appear when closing the application
  • When the merge window was opened, incoming print jobs could be added and processed twice

Other Changes

  • Added a new default profile with full encryption and password protection activated
  • The user receives a clearer answer as to whether the entered certificate password is valid
  • PDFCreator can repair PDFCreator printers during an update if necessary