Faster results with PDFCreator Server 2.1


Our mission with PDFCreator Server 2.1 was to give administrators more control and more time. Hence, we created a smoother workflow that supports you in delivering results more quickly. At the same time, you will have a better overview and improved usability. All in all, this version offers new possibilities to increase efficiency.

Download PDFCreator Server 2.1

Saving time

One of the improvements of PDFCreator Server 2.1 is that it allows you to make configurations without having to stop the service. Furthermore, every time new updates are available, they will start to download immediately in order to reduce waiting time.

Another factor that will save you time and unneccessary tasks is that files which were saved in the temp folder after they had been forwarded by e-mail/FTP will now automatically be deleted after a few days in order to free up space.

More control

The new version gives you more control and a better overview of what is going on. For example, whenever a new version is available, there will be a full change log listed for you to see every fix and addition before you start the download.

Furthermore, a new “View Password” button shows you the actual characters that are being typed during password creation. New buttons have also been added for queues, where you can now more easily add, rename or delete printers for queues.

Full Change Log


  • The setup now creates an additional backup of all settings during updates
  • The service now updates its settings while running, when saving in the main application
  • Show Change-Log in Server UI when new update is available
  • It is now possible to send a converted file via e-mail, smtp, ftp or similar without specifying a target directory
  • Simplified setting of visible signature via position, width and height
  • PDFCreator now supports PDF/A-3b
  • Every password field now has an eye symbol that can be pressed to see the password in clear text
  • Users will now be warned in the UI if they try to use UserTokens without activating them

Bug fixes

  • After updating the application, printers will be using unique printer ports
  • Failed jobs are now logged correctly in the history
  • Installing printers no longer fails
  • User tokens with certain argument in the PS file are now parsed correctly
  • Setup checks if a newer version is available before installing PDFCreator Server
  • The UI now shows correctly when the modify->Background setting was enabled or disabled
  • Link in the About tab now links to PDFCreator Server Licence agreement

Other Changes

  • PDFs created with PDFCreator Server now show the application version in the file properties
  • The add, remove and edit printer buttons have been moved to a new location for ease of access and increased visibility
  • Proxies that were added in the setup will now also be used by the application