Improve your workflow interactively - with 3.4


PDFCreator 3.4 brings you a new progressive and interactive way of handling PDF files.
We even dare to say – a more fun way!

The new features and additions of PDFCreator 3.4 were developed to offer an easier and quicker workflow that is adjustable to the user's individual requirements.

At the same time we have improved the way you control settings and worked on communicating the many helpful features to you in an even better way. We want you to make the most of our PDF converter and this is what we believe the new version will help you with.

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Receive helpful information within the application

The new version ensures that you receive information directly where it is needed – within the application while you are using it. 
A "Tips Section" offers you helpful tips about features and settings that can make your work with PDF files easier and more effective. 
In addition, there will be a full change log listed for you to see every fix and addition that has been made to the latest version. *

* The change log feature only applies to customers with a PDFCreator license

Furthermore, we have improved the connection between the app and our website in order to make it easier for you to get help and always stay up to date about the latest developments. 
Therefore, there is a direct link to our Knowledge Base, and an RSS News Feed that will inform you about new blog posts and other relevant news.

Improved interaction with PDFCreator

We have focused on creating a better and more intuitive workflow for you by simplifying the way you configure and use PDFCreator. For example, the AfterConversionWindow now comes with the Quick Action button “Print with PDF Architect”, which saves you a few clicks.

A new “View Password” button shows you the actual characters that are being typed during password creation. And for a more user-friendly structure of the PrintJobView window, the profile selection is now placed at the top.

In addition, newly added tokens with file paths to Desktop, MyDocuments and MyPictures are extending the powerful token feature. And when it comes to digital signatures, the new version allows them to be more easily defined via position, width and height.

It doesn’t end here – we have included 
even more interactive goodness

There is a new possibility that is especially interesting for customers of PDFCreator Terminal Server. Instead of having to adjust settings for clients individually, administrators can now define and share settings and profiles via a settings file that is loaded from the PDFCreator ProgramData folder.

Last but not least, PDFCreator now supports the PDF/A-3b format. With this, arbitrary file formats like for example CSV, XML, CAD, spreadsheet documents and word-processing documents can be embedded into PDF/A conforming documents.

PDF/A-3b is the format that ensures a consistently identical display if you want to archive PDF files and can now be selected as an output format in PDFCreator.

Full Change Log


  • PDFCreator Business, PDFCreator Terminal Server and PDFCreator Custom:  Share settings via ini file in ProgramData folder
  • PDFCreator Plus, PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Terminal Server:  New updates are starting to download immediately when they are available to reduce waiting time
  • Stay up to date with our new news feed in the home tab
  • A new overview to see all the changes made in the recent updates before installing
  • Option to open recently converted documents in the print view of PDF Architect
  • Added new tokens for paths to Desktop, MyDocuments and MyPictures.
  • PDFCreator now supports PDF/A-3b
  • Simplified setting of visible signature via position, width and height
  • Every password field now has an eye symbol that can be pressed to see the password in clear text

Other Changes

  • Mark features that are not supported by the selected output format
  • Redesign the about section to make it easier for you to find help or help yourself
  • Redesign of the error report window