New PDFCreator Server 1.2


Shortly after the latest PDFCreator release we are also releasing a new PDFCreator Server version.

With version 1.2 we enhance the user experience of administrators. In the central GUI there is now a history of the most recently converted documents so you never loose track of your print queue. You can always monitor what is happening on your server and find out why something has failed. We have also added AES 265 Bit encryption and user tokens. Furthermore, we have applied a lot of small fixes and improvements based on the user feedback. In the unlikely event that a crash is happening, you have the option to send us the error report online.

Important announcement:

PDFCreator Server 1.2.x is the last version with support for Windows Server 2003. PDFCreator Server 2.0 will require .Net 4.5 and therefore at least Windows Server 2008 SP2.

More Improvements of PDFCreator Server 1.2:

  • Processing (encryption, signing, PDF/A conversion) done via PDF Tools libraries.
  • 256 Bit AES encryption
  • Extract user tokens from the source document and use them for the conversion. See User Tokens.
  • Dropbox integration allows to upload files to Dropbox and add shared links to your mails

Bugs fixed:

  • Prevent Ghostscript erros during service restart and keep unprocessed jobs
  • Frequent clean up of print job temp folders
  • Delete files of failed jobs
  • Timeout for Print Action
  • Prevent NullReferenceException while loading settings
  • Fix loading settings from ini file