PDFCreator 4.0.2 - Maintenance Release


Our PDFCreator 4.0.2 maintenance release is out and it comes with the following improvements:

  • The setup file size was reduced
  • Fixed a rare error that occurred when the setup was started twice in quick succession
  • Fixed wrong action order when automatic save and custom order are activated
  • Prevent setup from restarting the machine without warning in case a file can't be replaced during an update
  • Fixed a bug where the printers might not be preserved during an update from PDFCreator 4.0
  • PDFCreator Professional, PDFCreator Terminal Server: MSI now supports silently updating over previous InnoSetup (.exe) installations
  • After loading settings from INI files, the UI did not fully update to display all settings properly
  • Fixed a bug with HotFolder that would always send PDF files to the default profile
  • The setup will show a warning if PDFCreator is running to ensure the update to be completed successfully

Find out more about PDFCreator Professional or download the new version