PDFCreator 5.2.0 is out


We at Avanquest pdfforge are starting the year with a new version of our PDFCreator.
PDFCreator 5.2.0 improves the connectivity when creating emails.

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Outlook Web Access 

With the new Outlook Web Access feature you can link PDFCreator to your Microsoft Account and access the Office 365 Outlook. Once connected, the action will create a draft for your email, automatically attaches your converted files and opens your browser. From here you can edit and send the email.
In the action settings you can prepare the draft with predefined text, recipients or additional attachments. Especially if you use our tokens, your emails will be prepared precisely.

Attach to existing emails 

We love to speed-up your workflows. A new way is listing all your emails that are opened in outlook in the quick action send dropdown. Just select one via the subject and the current output will be added to your open email.

Available via WinGet 

All PDFCreator editions are now available via winget. The Windows Package Manager command line tool that is available from Windows 10 1709 (build 16299) as part of the app installer of the Microsoft Store. This might help you install PDFCreator automatically, share the application or get updates.

Open the command line (or power shell) and use one of the following commands to get the desired PDFCreator edition via winget:

winget install PDFCreator-Professional
winget install PDFCreator-Terminal-Server
winget install PDFCreator-Free

Full Changelog


  • PDFCreator can now create emails in Outlook Web Access. It creates a draft for you to edit and send the email from your browser.
  • New quick action for attaching converted documents to open emails in Microsoft Outlook.
  • With the DeferLicenseCheck setup parameter, PDFCreator can now be used in more flexible deployment scenarios. Please refer to the user guide for more information on how to use the parameter.
  • GetProfileByGuidOrName method to the COM interface.

Bugs fixed

  • The license tab had inconsistant formatting for dates.
  • The tray notifications were not translated and always in English.

Other Changes

  • PDFCreator is now available via the Windows Package Manager (WinGet).
  • Proxy settings are retained for updates.
  • PDFCreator now uses Ghostscript 10.02.1
Download PDFCreator