PDFCreator Online is here!


Our new "PDFCreator Online" lets you merge PDF files, convert Office files to PDF, and images to PDF in your browser.

While everyone was getting in the Christmas mood and awaiting Santa Clause, the last few weeks at pdfforge were filled with anticipation for the release of "PDFCreator Online". As the makers of our popular PDFCreator, we couldn’t wait to present you a solution that allows you to convert and merge PDF files even faster and easier.

You are wondering why we were this excited about PDFCreator Online?

Imagine you quickly need to merge multiple PDFs or convert a Word or image file to PDF but you don’t have the time or possibility to do this in PDFCreator - now you can convert PDFs directly in your browser from anywhere! Whether you need to convert Excel, PowerPoint or Word to PDF (also works with OpenOffice files), you simply choose the file(s) you would like to convert and within seconds you can download your PDF.

This is all happening while you can rest assured that your sensitive data is being treated with care, as pdfforge is subject to strict EU data policy laws and will automatically delete your uploaded files from the system after two hours. For extra security with personal data we always recommend using PDFCreator to convert files to PDF and to merge multiple PDFs.

And now after weeks of busy developing it’s time for us to catch up on the Christmas spirit and celebrate with a mulled wine :)

We hope you will enjoy PDFCreator Online!