Cover or backgrounds for PDF files

Adding covers or backgrounds to PDF files serves several purposes that can enhance the overall presentation and user experience. In this article, we will explore how you can set up PDFCreator to easily add cover pages and backgrounds to your PDF files. This is one of the many PDF automation features included in our PDF converter.

Why add covers or backgrounds to your PDFs?

Here are just a few examples of the advantages of adding covers or backgrounds to your PDF files.

  • Branding and professionalism: Including a cover or background that incorporates your company logo, colors, or branding elements can reinforce your brand identity and establish a professional image. It adds a cohesive and consistent visual representation of your organization.
  • Document identification: Covers help distinguish and identify different PDF files, especially when organizing and managing a large collection of documents. It becomes easier to locate and recognize specific files based on their unique cover designs.
  • Information display: Covers can convey important information such as the document title, author, publication date, or a brief description.
  • Marketing and promotion: For e-books, reports, or marketing materials, an attractive cover or background can serve as a promotional tool and generate interest.

Add a cover page or a background to your PDF files

  • Download PDFCreator
  • Go to the Profiles tab and select the automatic saving mode
  • Click on “Add action” and select “Cover” or “Background”
  • Afterwards click on “Add file”

For the background file you have the option to select the opacity of the background document.

FAQs: Adding covers and backgrounds to PDF documents

Can I use multiple background pages for my PDF files?

Yes, you can use a background file with one or several pages for your PDFs. If the background file has fewer pages than the actual PDF document you can select a repetition. This will determine either no repetition of the pages, a repetition of all pages or a repetition of the last background page until the end of the document.

How can I determine if the background is placed on the cover or attachment pages?

In the “action” feature of PDFCreator you can determine if your background is placed on the cover or attachment pages by placing the background action after the cover or attachment action. If you prefer not to use a background on these pages, you can move the background action in the front.

How do I add a cover page to my PDF file?

To add a cover to your PDF, you can upload your cover page to PDFCreator. Please follow the steps described above to easily add a cover to your PDFs. The same applies for adding backgrounds to PDF documents.