PDFs are known for their tight format locking abilities, but you can also review and add notes to work on a document with your peers. The Review feature is specifically designed to help you collaborate on your documents using the review tools to annotate your PDFs as well as compare two documents.

Highlight text with our virtual text marker tool. You can also underline important passages or use strikeout to mark passages that need to be removed.

Add comments to explain which changes you would like to see in the document and use the customizable stamping tool to express predefined messages like “approved” or “confidential”.

Use the pencil tool to draw on the document. Tell how you would like to move passages and where they should go. Or use the predefined forms like arrows, rectangles and more.


PDF Architect Standard contient toutes les fonctionnalités du package GRATUIT plus :



PDF Architect Pro contient toutes les fonctionnalités du package standard plus :


Pro + OCR

PDF Architect Pro + OCR contient toutes les fonctionnalités du package Pro plus :

OCR Advanced


Ouvrez et lisez n'importe quel document PDF, plus :

Créez un PDF à partir de Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Faites pivoter, déplacez et supprimez des pages, fusionnez des PDF.