Although PDF is one of the most convenient and portable file formats, it is sometimes necessary to convert existing PDF documents into other file types or back to their original format without loss of information. Use our powerful Convert feature to instantly convert your PDFs into several popular file formats.
Convert your PDF files to:

  • MS Word (.doc, .docx)
  • MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • HTML viewable in a web browser
  • Text files (.txt)
  • Images (.png / .jpeg / .gif / .tif)

The convert module enables you to convert your document to a Word document or an Excel sheet, allowing you to use all functionalities of the office applications.

The HTML conversion can be viewed in any web browser and contains text and images inside the HTML data. The text format will only contain the text.

If you convert the PDF to image formats, you will receive one image file per page of the document. This can be helpful in order to create preview images of your pages.


PDF Architect Standard contient toutes les fonctionnalités du package GRATUIT plus :



PDF Architect Pro contient toutes les fonctionnalités du package standard plus :


Pro + OCR

PDF Architect Pro + OCR contient toutes les fonctionnalités du package Pro plus :

OCR Advanced


Ouvrez et lisez n'importe quel document PDF, plus :

Créez un PDF à partir de Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Faites pivoter, déplacez et supprimez des pages, fusionnez des PDF.