PDFCreator Offline Activation Instructions

Installing PDFCreator Professional, PDFCreator Server or PDFCreator Terminal Server without internet connection is easy. If your computer does not have an internet connection or the setup fails to use it, i.e. due to incompatible proxy settings, you can use the offline activation.

Do you already know the process

Request Activation Code

Create Offline Activation Request

Activate the checkbox for offline activation and enter your license key. You will then see the offline activation request string.


Send us the activation request

Please copy the activation string and generate your offline activation code here:

Request Activation Code

Enter the offline activation response

After you have received the response, you can enter it in the last text box. If you closed the setup in the meantime, you can start the setup and enter your license again.

Request Activation Code
Copy to Clipboard

You are now able to proceed with the installation. If you should have problems in the process, please feel free to contact the PDFCreator support team.